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Two days of Horror Movies, panels, special guests, and more!
Click HERE for more information!

Movies to be played:
* Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
* Frankenstein Vs. the Creature of Blood Cove
* Leif Jonker's Darkness
* Night of the Living Dead (Original Version)
* Nosferatu
* Zombie Night
* The Basement Sublet of Horror (2 episodes)
* The Last Man On Earth
* Stephen King's Night Surf
* Into the Maelstrom
* Suffer the Little Children (Based on Stephen King's Short Story)

Crematia Mortem, Horror Hostess
Roberta Soloman, Crematia's Alter ego
Lenora Claire, Scream Queen
Gidget Gein, Actor, Artist, "Bag Boy"
Shannon Kraus, Paranormal Investagator
Leif Jonker & the Cast of Darkness: Vampire Version
& hosted by Peter Pixie

*Gidget Gein on being a "Bag Boy"
Being a "Bag Boy" (someone who cleans up after dead bodies) for a while, Gidget Gein (un-pop star, ex-Marilyn Manson) has seen a lot of death scenes. Come and here his real life experiences.

*Zombie Beauty Pageant: MR AND MS. UNDEAD WICHITA 2007
Dead and Loving It! We are looking for the best male and female Zombies for Mr. and Ms. Undead Wichita 2007. Whether you’re nearly skin and bones, or just a fleshy mess, now’s your chance to drag yourself across the stage of notoriety. THIS, you Undead Cuties, is your chance to show the world what you’re made of – inside and out! Be sure to register early, because just like a grave yard, people are dying to get in and space is limited. Read the General costume rules then sign up at the bottom!

*Kansas Most Haunted Orpheum
In January, our Investigators took a group of people thru the Orpheum to find Paranormal Activity. Come and see places in the Orpheum most people didn't even know existed!

*Horror Matchgame
If you recall Match Game with Gene Rayburn, this is JUST like that, only the questions will be in a horror theme. Fill in the blank and try to match our panel of guests! (Such as, "Be prepared for a zombie invasion. Always have _______s on hand!")

*Ghost Hunting in Kansas
Join some of Kansas’ top Ghost Hunters as they share some of the most Haunted Places in Kansas.

*Haunting at the Broadview Part 1
On Saturday, join our Ghost Hunting team as they prepare to search for the ghosts of the Broadview.

*Talking with the Dead
It’s late, and night has fallen upon Wichita. What will the Ghosts of the Broadview have to tell us?

*Stephen King Panel
Fan Discussion about Stephen King

*Darkness Reunion
Possibly the biggest reunion for a cast of a movie ever filmed here in Wichita. Come and hear their stories and get the inside scoop on local movie making

*Costume Contest
Not a zombie, but have a costume? We would LOVE to see it in our contest!

*Haunting at the Broadview Part 2
After our Ghost Hunters went looking thru the Broadview, what did they find? Find out on Sunday as we wrap up the investigation.

So get your TICKETS now!
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