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Let's Do The Time Warp Again! (RHPS again in Wichita)

WHEN: October 28th, doors open 10:30pm, preshow Rocky Madness starts at 11:15pm, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW STARTS AT MIDNIGHT!
WHERE: The Historical Orpheum Theatre, corner of First and Broadway
HOW MUCH: $12 a ticket, price includes your prop bag, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN PROPS, THEY ARE PROVIDED FOR YOU!
WHY: We love to run around in fishnets! No, really, part of our proceeds go directly to restoring this lovely theatre.
WHO WE ARE: The Justice League of Denton, Wichita's RHPS Shadow Cast

FOR MORE INFORMATION: See our website, WWW.WichitaRocky.Org

(note from the webmonkey: Cross-Posted Everywhere, sorry, feel free to take it down if I've posted wrongly!)
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